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martes, 19 de abril de 2011

Freestyle Fall In Love

01.-A.T.O.P. - Just Another Love
02.-Evaleen Delvalle - Together You & Me
03.-Heidi Mathus - Now That Your Gone
04.-Laura - Alone In Love
05.-Luis Uribe- I'LL Always Love You
06.-Dethus - Just Like The Wind (Running Mix)
07.-Freebase - Can't You Feel My Desire
08.-Jeannette Marie - R My Heart
09.-Lor'e - Come Back To Me Baby (Club Mix)
10.-Luis Uribe- Uh Ooh (Extended Remix)


jueves, 17 de febrero de 2011

World Of Freestyle Vol.1

1 Fantasy Girl See All 58(with Johnny O.)
2 Let the Music Play See All 238(with Shannon)
3 Spring Love See All 43(with Stevie B.)
4 Do You Miss Me See All 37
5 Don't Set Me Free See All 4
6 Great Commandment See All 17(with Chicco)
7 Cover Girl See All 14(with Naif)
8 Freestyle See All 181(with Johnny O.)
9 In da Arena See All 5(with Flying Steps)
10 Tonight See All 446(with Collage)
11 Rock It See All 67(with Mr. Bass)
12 Around You See All 4(with Stonay)
13 Computer Lover See All 2
14 Together Forever See All 98
15 Yesterday See All 299
16 Don't Pass Me By See All 10(with Free System)
17 Megamix See All 137(with Stevie B.)
18 Summer Nights See All 75(with Stevie B.)
19 Trans Europe Express See All 29(with Transmission)
20 I Lie It Chopin 98(with Gazebo)
21 Memories See All 240(with Johnny O.)
22 There Goes My Heart See All 15(with Caprice)
23 Come Back See All 122(with Julia-Evita Hernandez)
24 Music Don't Stop See All 8(with Freestyle Project)
25 Freestyle in da House See All 8(with Freak Style)
26 Breaking It Down See All 11(with Flying Steps)
27 Axel F See All 108(with Planet Bass)
28 I'll Give You My Heart See All 3(with Collage)
29 Dream Girl See All 58(with McSc)
30 Fantasy Boy See All 8
31 Runaway See All 558(with Johnny O.)
32 Get Off See All 92(with Mr. Bass)
33 Best Is Yet to Come See All 43(with Shannon)
34 Don't You Want Me See All 181 3:42
35 Megamix See All 137(with Stevie B.)


World Of Freestyle Vol.2

1 Diana See All 110(with Johnny O.)
2 Baby Baby Baby See All 30(with Freestyle Project)
3 Celebrate Da Summertime See All 5(with Pandera)
4 Hypnotic Tango See All 43
5 Electric Operator See All 3(with Megatronic)
6 Something About You See All 105(with Shannon)
7 We Are Robotic See All 3(with Flying Steps)
8 Electrohopping See All 2
9 Pleasure Dome See All 8(with Mr. Bass)
10 Don't Stop 2 Body Rock See All 3(with Freestyle Project)
11 Dreams See All 362
12 Mi_ami See All 68
13 Time After Time See All 332(with Aria)
14 Because I Love You See All 88(with Stevie B.)
15 Cha-Cha Slide See All 10(with MC Jig)
16 Take Me Through the Night See All 10(with Johnny O.)
17 All I Want Is You See All 66(with Anthony Norris)
18 Apollo Theme See All 2(with Apollo)
19 Baby I Want You See All 8
20 Each Time See All 19(with Stevie B.)
21 You Don't Have Me See All 4
22 Musica, La See All 10
23 Limelight See All 49(with Gina Dee)
24 Here We Are See All 23
25 One See All 417(with Clueless)
26 Sailing See All 120
27 Conga See All 86
28 Only You See All 584
29 I Would Die 4 U See All 28(with Naam)
30 Information See All 19(with Collage)
31 Einsamkeit/Lonely(with Apollo)


World Of Freestyle Vol.3

1. Freestyle Melody - Double Effect
2. Rock Your Body - Freestyle Project 11. Break Up - Freediver
3. Queen of the Night - Bodywork Theatre School Choir
4. Funky Beat - Anthony Norris
5. Let's Jam Tonight - Freestyle Crew
6. 2 the Beat
7. Megamix - Freestyle Project
8. Anymore - Sunseeker
9. Famous Freestyle Cuts 2 - Cutmaster
10. Shae It Baby - Black Power
11. Break Up - Freediver
12. Free Your Mind - D-Freezer
13. Electronic Love - Envelope
14. Freestyle Megamix - Anthony Norris
15. Tonight - Freediver
16. Brilliance - DJ Crack
17. All I Can Give - Face 2 Face

1. Freelove - Matthew B.
2. Shake Your Body - Beatproduction
3. Nowhere Land - Anthony Norris
4. Famous Afro Cuts
5. Don't Stop Your Feeling - D-Freezer
6. N.Y. City Freestyle Megamix - N.Y. City Beats
7. Let Me Fly - Sweet TB
8. Hand Cuffs - Sun Beat
9. Hide and Seek
10. I Want Your Love - Bubble J
11. Freestyle in da House - Freak Style
12. Feel It - Project P.
13. Gotta Feel da Groove - Freestyle Project
14. Pump da Beat - Freestyle Crew
15. Save Me - Jay R
16. Tell It to My Heart - Beatproduction
17. Shake It to the Dancefloor - Black Power


World Of Freestyle Vol.4

1 For You See All 189(with Apollo)
2 Black Rose of Love See All 6)with Richie Santiago)
3 Another Part of Me See All 3
4 Freestyle Party See All 4(with Nicki Daniels)
5 Don't Lose the Music See All 3
6 Who's Cryin' Now? See All 34)with Ximena)
7 Bist Nicht Hier, Du
8 Are U Ready See All 11
9 Ou La La La (Play My Song) See All 3(with Dolicia Paris)
10 Come to Me See All 176 2:14 $0.99
11 Let Yourself Go! See All 69(with Free Dance)
12 Say You Will See All 36


jueves, 10 de febrero de 2011

Freestyle New Revolution Vol.1

01.-Freeze - Greatest Love
02.-Joey Kid -Tonight
03.-Peter Fontaine - Close Your Eyes
04.-Andrea - Stay With Me
05.-Reign - I'm Movin On
06.-Jem Montes -Angel
07.-Kerbie A. - I Need Your Love (Irina Clean Final Mix)
08.-Pica-Why Me
09.-The Project aka Phaze 3 - Hold Me
10.-Spicy - Don't Take Your Love


Freestyle New Revolution Vol.2

01.-Bay - Memories of Love-(Final Mix(2))
02.-Image - Goodbye (Final)
03.-Lil Suzy - Youll See
04.-Magicus - Whos To Blame
05.-Phillip Anthony - Sometimes Love Is Not Eough
06.-Ricky Vaz - See My Tears
07.-Faded Tearsz Feat. Undun - Dreaming Of You
08.-Joey Tee - I found In You
09.-Lisy - You Are The One(Final Edits)
10.-Coro - Angel
11.-Quadlibet - Im Loving You